Models, Rigging and Animation



a Robot rigged and animated in Maya, using constraints for the hydraulics. To the right: a tank Uved, textured, rigged and animated using expressions in maya.



Assets created for school, self study and on Iternships.

Created in Maya.


GlowWorm1   GlowWorm2   RockFormation

SpaceRecon1   SpaceRecon2   SpaceRecon3

Riley1   Riley2   Riley3   Riley4

Railgun crossbow1   Railgun crossbow2   Railgun crossbow3   Railgun crossbow4   Railgun crossbow FPS view


Railgun crossbow1   Railgun crossbow2   Railgun crossbow3



Models made for modifications


Assets created for different modifications, partly before my 3d graphics course, created in 3dsMax.

Most of these assets were also rigged, animated and implemented by me.


ACairtower ACtechcenter

ACtransport Kraken

WEAshieldgen WEAsolarplant

UANbaracks UANsupplytruck

UANwarfactory F18



Untextured models


Assets for modifications that have no texture maps yet. These are all from before 2010.


AtlantisOpus AtlantisRhynocerous

AtlantisAirfieldlarge AtlantisAirfieldsmall

AtlantisAsteroidcaller AtlantisAsteroiduplink

AtlantisFirestalker AtlantisFusionplant

AtlantisSatyr AtlantisMissileHangar

AtlantisSentry Atlantis Mole

AtlantisMiragetank AtlantisStealthgenerator

AtlantisPegasus AtlantisFusionuplink