Starchild Strike







Starchild Strike






Forgotten Tales of Shui

Forgotten Tales of Shui

The first game created at school, during the first year. It was a joint creation with Martijn Gerkes and Wessel de Groot, who did the programming side of the project. This game was built in 14 work days in Gamelab.







Download Forgotten tales of shui




Starchild Strike

Starchild Strike

A small flash game, created during the first year at school. Partially as promotional means for a Mod I helped creating.


Controls: WASD or Arrows to move. Spacebar and CTRL to fire.







Starchild Strike






Play Revenge of Pirate

The Revenge of Pirate

A small flash game, created during the first year at school.


Controls: WASD to move and spacebar to fire.









Play Revenge of Pirate






Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim



Dwemer AutoBlade


Video review by Meoni:


Dwemer Autoblade1     Dwemer Autoblade2

A quite succesful skyrim mod I created, reviewed by various people, including Gamespot.

It received 5 stars on Steam workshop, over 978 ratings, with more than 29.000 dowloads.

On skyrim nexus, another over 12.000 downloads and over 300 endorsements.

It is based on the Spacemarine Chainsword from the Warhammer 40k franchise,

I created it as a small side project.


Steam workshop, Dwemer Autoblade





Darkstadt1   Darkstadt2   Darkstadt3

Darkstadt is a dungeon mod I created. In the same week I created the Dwemer autoblade.

Darkstadt was an exploration of Bethesda's creation kit.

The idea behind the mod was to bring more of the Dremora and Mythic Dawn to Skyrim,

as well as adding lava to the game.

Darkstadt reached 4 stars on Steam's workshop, over 77 ratings.

The mod has been downloaded over 2000 times.


Steam workshop, Darkstadt



Command and Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour



European Conflict

European Conflict Banner


This mod started in 2007. I helped starting up the mod by creating models and by scripting.

This gave me a lot of practice into low-polygon modeling.

In the end we managed to release a beta with one of the three planned factions.

In 2010 European Conflict ranked in the top 100 mods on Moddb.com


Forgotten Fury

Forgotten Fury Banner


This mod started in 2008 and was mostly my own project.

Even though Forgotten Fury never publically released I had a lot of fun working on it and

playing the alpha with friends. I did nearly all the modeling, texturing and scripting on this project,

trying to stretch the limits of the engine as far as I could.

But unfortunately in the end creating all the art was just too much work,

to be completed before the 2003's game became obsolete.


Both European Conflict and Forgotten Fury are now merged into "Deep Impact"

and continued to be developed by the remaining team members.

Some of the models made for both mods are in the renders section.


Moddb, Deep Impact