Procedural generation


My graduation project is about creating procedural planets, which can be injected in multiple game engines.

This in contrast to most procedural planet generators, which need specific engines to work. It features a system to generate multiple levels of detail which blend into each other.


After my graduation I started working on an automatic UV-mapping and Texturing tool. It creates UVs for low-poly objects and automatically overlaps them and lays them out. Additionally it is also able to create some base textures to speed up the texturing process.


A bridge procedurally created and animated in Houdini. On the right the bridge is placed into a world by taking the start and endpoints.

A procedurally generated car, modified by moving some sliders. To the right: SIP a game created in 48 hours during

the Global Game Jam with 6 people. For this I created a level generator so we could generate a larger level and had more time to iterate. I also did some the animations, particles and some of the modeling.

Lancer Alpha, currently in alpha stage, a game made by me. The levels depend on procedural generation for a great deal. This is a continuation of a first test build, playable in the games section



Modeling, rigging and animation


a Robot rigged and animated in Maya, using constraints for the hydraulics. To the right: a tank Uved, textured, rigged and animated using expressions in maya.

A quite succesful skyrim mod I created, reviewed by ClysmCast, With Meoni.

It received 5 stars on Steam workshop, over 978 ratings, with more than 29.000 dowloads.

On skyrim nexus, another over 12.000 downloads and over 300 endorsements.

European conflict, a mod started in 2007.

I helped starting up the mod by creating models and by scripting.

This, as well as participating in other mods, gave me a lot of practice into low-polygon modeling.

In the end we managed to release a beta with one of the three planned factions.

In 2010 European Conflict ranked in the top 100 mods on Moddb.com





The creation of a multiplayer shooter level in 3 stages in UDK. To the right: Mouse Adventure,

one of the games created at school in 28 working days, My job on the team was part of the level building,

collision generation, building the exporter and exporting the levels.

Genk Cityhall Visualisation (ceiling, doors and structural walls done by me)